• Company Values
IWT Company Vaues
Infiltrator is a company that above all else, values integrity and doing the right thing. We listen to our customers, employees and business partners to better understand needs and develop or enhance products.

Infiltrator operates under a growing list of core values.

  • Infiltrator is a company of integrity. We believe in being honest, fair, trustworthy, and honorable in all of our business dealings.
  • Infiltrator is committed to advancing the state of the art in all fronts, including: product design, manufacturing, materials, wastewater science, marketing, management, and employee development. In other words, to be the best we can be.
  • Infiltrator believes that people are our most important asset. We value superior people, providing them with the necessary tools, opportunities, challenges, and the freedom to achieve superior results.  
  • Infiltrator believes that maintaining high growth will provide opportunities to our employees and maximize the long-term strength of our company.
  • Infiltrator believes in management by objectives and working as a team.
  • Infiltrator believes that forming strong relationships between and among employees, vendors, customers, financiers, and shareholders will achieve the best results
  • We value fun and believe that having fun at work will produce superior result
  • Infiltrator is committed to competing aggressively in the marketplace and to protecting our asset
  • Infiltrator has the courage to make difficult decisions, do the right thing, and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Infiltrator is committed to producing quality products and expect everyone to assume responsibility for quality
  • We believe in providing our employees with a safe environment to work in