Case Studies

Quick4 Plus Standard STEP system is key for 2,700 home development.
Forest Lakes Country Club, Ardoise, Nova Scotia

ATL Al NatureCenter
ATL by Infiltrator Solves Space Challenges for Jackson County Alabama Nature Center
Estill Fork, Alabama

Quick4 Equalizer 36 chambers offer ease of delivery and installation for Lakeside Lodge gravelless absorption bed.
Lodge at Tupper Lake, New York

ATL Wastewater Treatment System Enables Expansion of Worker Facilities
Triad Coal Mine, Sturgeon, Indiana

Infiltrator Quick4 Standard Chambers Solve Compacted Soil Challenges
South Mountain, PA, YMCA Expansion

Infiltrator IM-1060 Provides Flexibility And Performance
Rural Municipal STEP

EZflow by Infiltrator At-Grade Drainfield Eases Installation and Saves Money
Residential Septic System Replacement

EZflowLPP Kansas
EZflow by Infiltrator LLP System Solves Limited Space and High Water Table Challenges
Residential System, Goddard, Kansas


Rainwater Capture Potable Water System Provides Primary Water Source for Vacation Home
Salem, Virginia


Infiltrator IM-Series Tanks with MBRs and EZflow Dispersal Fields Enable Reclamation of Illinois Strip Mine into Recreation Resort
Goose Lake Ranch, Canton, Illinois

Decentralized Wastewater Recharges Groundwater Supplies and Combats Coastal Saltwater Intrusion
by Dennis F. Hallahan, P.E., Technical Director, Infiltrator Water Technologies

Alternative Water Source for LEED Platinum Certified Home
Raleigh, North Carolina

New WWTP with Innovative 2.0 MGD Infiltrator Chamber Drainfield Solves Effluent Surfacing and Overflow Challenges for Oregon Community
Gold Beach, Oregon Community Systems

Community Wastewater Treatment System Recharges Groundwater Supplies and Minimizes Saltwatrer Intrusion
Los Osos, California Community Wastewater Treatment Systems

Subsurface Disposal System Utilizing Infiltrator Quick4™ Chambers Solves Community Wastewater Woes
Omemee, Ontario Community System

Coastal Community Wastewater Treatment
Hilltop disposal and recharge field solves environmental and regulatory onsite treatment challenges.

Aquaworx™ IPC Panel and Infiltrator Tanks Overcome Shallow Water Table Issues
Lake Blackshear Point in Cordele, Georgia

Infiltrator Chambers Used in Subsurface Outfall for New Hopkinton, Mass. WWTP
The Town of Hopkinton had a municipal sewer but did not have a wastewater treatment plant.

Large Pressurized Drainfield System in Illinois uses EZFlow® by Infiltrator
Arch Coal-Viper Mine

Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) System Using EZflow® by Infiltrator Saves Money for Illinois Waste Recycling Center
Resource Management Company (RMC)

Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) System Using EZflow® by Infiltrator Handles Large Flows for Long Term Performance
Stockton State Park, Cedar County, Missouri

Quick4 Standard Chambers Installed in Community Soil Absorption System

A resort community in Jackson Hole required an environmentally-sound, optimal performing onsite wastewater treatment system which would preserve the natural habitat and support it's various amenities.

Equalizer 24 Chambers Integral Component of Community Onsite Wastewater Treatment System
Due to its location and close proximity to a receiving creek, Stoneridge subdivision needed a non-discharge, environmentally-friendly approach for their community wastewater treatment system.

Quick4 Chambers Installed in Flood-Dosed Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal System 
Crazy D's Truck Stop needed a replacement septic system that would finally be able to handle the high strength waste produced by the facility.

Onsite Wastewater Cluster System Uses Infiltrator Chambers 
A cottage rental development on Prince Edward Island requires a low maintenance, cost-effective sewage system to support future expansion on its environmentally sensitive site.

High Capacity Chambers Installed in NASCAR Raceway's Wastewater Treatment System 
The Phoenix International Raceway needed a cost-effective, replacement septic system that would be able to keep with the pace.

Infiltrator Chambers Used in Minnesota's First Wetland Cluster Treatment System
To preserve open space and protect the rural character of the community, Lake Elmo, Minnesota refuses to connect to the regional sewer.

Quick4 Chambers Installed in Large Soil Absorption System Luxury Home Development
Poor soils and steep waterfront lots eliminate individual drainfields as a wastewater treatment option

Quick4 Equalizer 36 Chambers Installed in Large Soil Absorption System
In order to meet environmental code, an expanding Illinois church required a septic system that would meet the local health departments needs

Pressurized Sand Mound System for Commercial Development uses Quick4 Standard Chambers
Limited space and high water table create a challenge in the design of an advanced wastewater treatment system.

Quick4 Standard Chambers Help Preserve Natural Beauty in Condo Project Installation
Lack of space and sensitive area make drainfield choice critical.

Quick4 Chambers Meet Quebec's Provincial Wastewater Treatment Regulations
New treatment and disposal system solves transportation center woes.

Quick4 Standard Chambers Instrumental in Installation of Onsite Wastewater System 
Due to its remote location and proximity to a lake, Camp Hirondelle needed a resourceful solution in order to replace their failing septic system.

Quick4 Chambers Installed in Several Onsite Septic Systems on Lake Shasta 
Change in regulation requires proper disposal of grey water in order to protect sensitive environment.

Expanded Sewage Treatment Plan Includes Exfiltration Systems with Distribution Chambers to Protect Sensitive Lake 
Exfiltration bed for municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Quick4 Chambers Used to Treat De-icing Fluid at Buffalo Niagara International Airport 
Vertical flow aerated wetland treatment system with infiltration chambers for treatment of spent glycol from deicing operations.